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Post 7 in the 1990's

On May 19, 2019, I had one of the better days in my scouting life.  The Explorer Post from the 1990's had a get-together at my home, and it was a wonderful day.  It was in 1994 that I organized the Post's first overseas trip, which was to New Zealand.

Mr. Ed Chavez, Heather, Ms. Perri Hiles, Mrs. Barbara Murray, Mr. Craig Murray,
Lauren, Dan Murray, Diana, Leslie, Karen, Mr. Gary Wilson, Nate.

As a Post, we had three out-of-country jamboree trips:  to New Zealand in 1994-95 (called a Venture), Canada in 1997 (Canadian Jamboree), and Australia in 1999-2000 (again a Venture).  For many, this was a once-in-a-life-time experience, and several attended two!

Some of the members started as early as 1993, but after 2000 all aged out and went on to college.  After 2000, I had to re-establish the Crew.

Post members, Karen, Heather and Leslie, were the long-time members who went on the first adventure to New Zealand in 1993-94.  Three boys also attended, but did not stay active in the Post. The next trip was to the Canadian Jamboree in 1997.  Post members for that trip were Karen, Heather, Leslie, Nathan and Lauren.  Two others attended, but did not stay active.

My final trip with this group was to the 2000 Australian Venture.  We had a small group, but a great time.  We had three Venturers attend: two active, Lauren and Nathan, and one other who was not a long-time member.  On all these trips, my wife, Barbara, joined as the female leader.

A Venture is an eight-day event which begins by joining with others with the same interest on an activity of their choosing.  The last four days of the Venture are back at base camp, eating and touring with their activity group.  It is a well-designed program that is used in New Zealand, Australia, Japan and a number of other countries in that region.

In between these out-of-country trips, we had many other great super-activities ( which included hiking to Havasupai falls in the Grand Canyon, taking a tall ship cruise to Catalina ( and a number of rafting trips on the Colorado River.

For all three activities, we had a special CSP made for the trip.  Heather, who was into art, helped design the first two.  All are available for collectors for $10 each, plus probably a $1 for postage.  You will need to contact me.  All the money will go to a world scouting organization, as that is now my focus.

Later Years with the Crew

In the 2000's, I joined with Joe Garrett's and my sister Carol's Crews to run week-long Kodiak whitewater treks on various rivers in the northwest.  Those treks were also enjoyable years as a Venturing Advisor.

Kodiak Training

I have been lucky to have two generations of great scouting with senior scouts (Explorers and Venturers).  Plus, I had wonderful years as a Scoutmaster.  I am no longer a leader, as that is for younger people, but I still enjoy international scouting activities with my older friends to places like Mongolia, Ecuador, Peru, Iceland, Mexico, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

Some of my international scouter friends.