About Us

The purpose of Sage Thinking is to deliver and share positive thoughts about all that goes on around us.  The goal is to point out those positive stories that may be overlooked and could brighten someone’s day if shared.

This site grew out of the Venturing Magazine, and will continue to post senior scouting stories when the Venturing Magazine domain ends in 2017.  It will also promote the Corps of Discovery (COD).  The COD is a movement to form a stand-alone servant leadership and service program that youth groups, especially Venturing Crews, can use to enhance their program.

My name is Craig Murray and I am creating this site with the help of my sister Carol Murray.  We are a good team because we are family and we spent five summers running a fantastic (BSA) Kodiak leadership course before the course was changed to Kodiak Challenge.  The growth we saw in the young adults would make any parent or scout leader very proud.

I am very conservation-minded and hope to bring those subjects to this discussion.  I am a recipient of the Hornaday Gold Medal.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right and suggest more stories that we can share.