Chris Hagerty, A True Scouter

I met Chris in 2012 at the American Tall Ship Institute in Oxnard.  We had both been invited to learn about their mission and that was definitely right up our areas of interest.

“Our mission is to encourage positive youth and community development through environmentally aware, hands on, ocean-based programs aboard tall ships and in our boat building shop.”

Chris was very involved in Sea Scouting and Venturing with his units in Arroyo Grande and I was an Assistant Council Commissioner (ACC) for Venturing.  I had taken Seabadge back in 2004 because Sea Scouts were part of the same senior scouting program at that time.

It was a very informative day and a pleasure meeting Chris as I could see the enthusiasm that he had for all of scouting.  It was the day that would establish a long-term friendship.

Sometime in the next year, Chris got involved with the Corps of Discovery (COD) ( with more enthusiasm that anyone that I had known.  I believe it was because the COD was a service society and that is what Chris was all about.  He took it upon himself to write the first and second handbook for the COD.  He then created the Corps of Discovery Founder’s Award in 2015Chris Hagerty Founders Award (  He presented the award to Joe Garrett, me, and Matt Petrick for his service as a youth in 1999.  Joe and I have renamed the award to the Chris Hagerty Founders Award and have awarded Chris as the fourth recipient.

Chris was not just involved in the COD.  He was an advocate of the Boy Scouts of America and, in the last few years, the Baden Powell Service Association.  Of course, there were the scouting programs which were dear to his heart, but any way he could provide service to others, he would; whether it was with youth or some event that involved Dutch oven cooking.

I will always remember Chris, as he was a true scouter and I love that type of person.  They give and don’t expect anything in return.  I will miss him and his phone calls.  It’s hard to let such a young man go.

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I am a long time scouter who enjoys International Scouting. I have a Ph.D. in BioStatistics and have worked in Environmental Research for most of my career. I have received the Hornaday Gold Medal so I am very focused on our environment. I also earned the Eagle Scout Award in 1962.

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