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BSA Old Men - Jorge, John, Craig & Pete
BSA Old Men – Jorge, John, Craig & Pete

LydaAnother great international scouting experience at JamCam Ecuador in Guayaquil over the New Years!  A really interesting aspect of their program is that it was totally volunteer-run; I was very impressed.  One lady that we have to thank for this is Lyda Pavón, International Commissioner for the Scouts of Ecuador.

JamCam stands for Jamboree and Camporee.  Usually, Scouts from 11 to 15 years of age had a special program during the Pan-American Scout Jamborees, but after the 2010 Interamerican Scout Conference, the Interamerican Scout Committee decided to create the “JamCam”.  Scouts were placed in the Camporee and Venturers in the Jamboree, both with similar programs and held in the same venue.

The JamCam provided opportunities for all participants to visit the main tourist places near Guayaquil.  Also, a traditional characteristic of Scouts is a day of community service.  At the JamCam each scout could choose between:  sharing with children with disabilities, helping in planting trees, collaborating in the creation of signs for parks, painting of murals, and so on.  This is one of the reasons that I enjoy scouting so much.

Colombian ScoutersI was able to help as a security guard for JamCam with my friend John Davis.  We were the old men on duty every morning.  I shared my tent with two very nice scouters from Columbia:  Camilo and Néstor.  Everyone I met at JamCam were either friendly, helpful or both.

Galapagos Islands tour group
Galapagos Tour Group: Craig, Pete, Jorge, Pedro, Lidia, Patricia, Vitor & Chang

VitorAfter JamCam, my friend Pete Armstrong, a wonderful group of Brazilians, and I visited the Galapagos Islands.  One of the young Brazilians, Vitor, had been a very helpful translator for me one day during JamCam.  Pete and I had a great time due in large part to the friendly group of Brazilians.  Plus, they spoke English which was very helpful for me.

The traveling abroad and the scout leaders I meet make these experiences so enjoyable.  You can always count on meeting quality people in scouting as they are the ones that often think of others first.  All my other international adventures are shared on this web page:

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