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Iceland Scout CenterIn many ways I am lucky because I am a Baden-Powell Fellow.  As a fellow, I get to meet fantastic people, I’m exposed to wonderful scouting programs and I have a chance to visit some fascinating countries.  This past October, the World Scout Association organized an Honors Program Field Visit to Iceland – the goal being to provide members insight and in-depth experience in how World Scouting benefits from Baden-Powell donations.  You can check out that visit here:

When you read the article, you will see that the Iceland’s scouting program is a model for scout organizations around the world.  It promotes the environment, helps alleviate unemployment and services seniors.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if all scouting programs thought along these lines?

Any scout leader who has the opportunity to see Iceland’s scouting program up close should definitely take a look, and 2017 brings us the perfect opportunity.

changeStarting July 25, Iceland will be hosting the 2017 World Scouting Moot.  A “moot” is an Old English word for meeting or assembly.  The World Scouting “Moot” is the equivalent of a jamboree for 18-25 year old scouts.  If you are interested in taking your scout group or just learning more about Iceland’s Moot, check out this site:

I’ve also written a web page with multiple links including a BSA registration link which you can find all on this web page:

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