Travel Ban

Today I wanted to share with you a success story about someone that got through the travel ban that was put in place without any consideration to the effect upon good people.  I could not find one.  All I could find were sad stories about students and others that had been living in the U.S. for many years but had gone home to visit a family member only to learn they could not return.

The best news I found was that a federal judge ordered a halt to deportations of travelers with valid visas to enter the U.S. saying that sending them back to the affected countries could cause them “irreparable harm.”  Other good news was that droves of immigration attorneys stepped up to offer free services to those detained.  Now this is the America that I am proud of.

This ban is also upsetting many significant CEOs.  CNN Money has an article that highlights Goldman Sachs response and notes the response of other CEOs.

I read an interesting article in the Huffington Post entitled “The Inevitability Of Impeachment.”  This is just after one week so I take it with a Grain of Salt, but since it includes concerns from both parties, it is worth reading.

P.S.  This map might make you think twice about the validity of the immigration ban.

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