Water Parks

I love water parks.  The one close to me is Raging Waters, San Dimas, California.  The best time I had was many years ago when I got to go with my grandson and we held hands most of the day.  A memory a grandparent will never forget.

Recently, I learned about a very unique water park in San Antonio, Texas.  The story on CBS was about a father who created a special water park for his daughter who was physically challenged.  The water park featured activities that were accessible by kids in wheelchairs.  What an outstanding feature!  It brought tears to my eyes seeing all the kids, challenged and otherwise, having such a great time.  You can read the details on the CBS web site.

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I am a long time scouter who enjoys International Scouting. I have a Ph.D. in BioStatistics and have worked in Environmental Research for most of my career. I have received the Hornaday Gold Medal so I am very focused on our environment. I also earned the Eagle Scout Award in 1962.

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